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The Royal Factor  by  David Eckhoff

The Royal Factor by David Eckhoff
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The Prime Minister is in trouble. He needs to improve his popularity, fast. An opportunity comes along to show his passion for the people - using misdemeanours carried out by some members of the Royal Family as an excuse to depose them – and then replacing them with a family chosen through a TV talent show. Surely Britain will love that?

How could he go wrong?In fact, he could go wrong in many ways: principally by tricking the Royal Family into leaving the country, blackmailing a talent-show impresario into developing the ‘Royal Factor’ and then influencing the result so that a family devoted to tanning beds and creating a police state wins the competition.Britain is outraged and people show their feelings through riotous protest.

The PM is left with only one option- he must secretly recover Her Majesty from her cruise ship, moored off the USA, and get her back before a ‘dethroning clause’ kicks in and the country descends into civil war.The Royal Factor uses a combination of fact, fiction, romance and comedy to explore popular culture, politics, the monarchy and the cult of celebrity.

Viagra misuse, the Sex-Offenders Register, lunatic chauffeurs, enforced marriage of a gay man to a woman and the fact that the PM’s best friend is the leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition also feature…

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